Friday, February 21, 2014

Saying Goodbye


   The words are easy to say ........ the task is close to impossible to complete. Our intellect and physical energy can execute the transition necessary ...... yet, our hearts lag behind trying desperately to hold on. Eventually the lesson is understood. Our hearts never have to say goodbye ..... love lasts forever! 

Entrance to Our Dream Home the woods.

Every day a treat for our eyes and food for our souls.

Bobby's love of flowers added vivid colors to our dream!

The Fairy Trail

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Find the Creative Mind Time

Early morning....stillness......nothing stirring outside. Quiet. Dark. The world sleeps. My mind is flooded with ideas bouncing in and out of my brain. I can't hold on to all of my ideas so I learned to write. Write it all down. Just let the ideas put themselves on paper. Tactile. I can touch the written words later in the day. I was the gatherer, the harvester. So fast. So very fast. The ideas spin around and disappear. I have to be fast not to hinder the creative thought but be quick to keep capture the idea......put in away for later or for today. I always know what to do but first I have to hold on.

This is my creative mind time. I can't start it or stop it. It has a life of its own. I had to recognize and give it voice. Permission to happen. Permission to live. Not every morning but most. I can shut it down anytime but letting it free is a lesson I had to learn!

Opening my heart and soul to myself was the hardest lesson to learn. Opening myself to allow the creativity to spill forth is freedom to express what is inside and respect it enough to let it be what it is. It is what it is. I can love it, enjoy it, and celebrate it with others!!!

Finding our creative mind time is easy. Making use of it is not always easy. Many mornings I would rather linger in my warm, comfy bed, sleep a bit longer and enjoy the early morning quiet with my eyes closed and my mind quiet. But I know if I listen and grab hold of the words life will have meaning and I will feel love.